Top 10 Tips to Great Style For Men

1. Very few things are sexier than a man who knows how to rock a blazer with a cool shirt and jeans. But most men can’t manage it. They either end up in a semi-formal suit and tie look or plain old jeans and a T-shirt. For them, there’s no in between. To those men, I would suggest that you try thinking about it terms of being “semi-casual”. Odds are, you’ll end up with something a whole lot more stylish.

2. You men who insist on shopping alone, stop it. You should never shop alone. Especially those of you who readily admit that you’re “fashion challenged”. Always take along a shopping buddy, preferably a female, and no, not your mother. A woman will give you on point guidance to getting the look that you SHOULD be after. Being stylish is all about finding the place that carries the pieces that cater to your unique style, whether that style comes from GAP or Tom Ford. Styles change. Certain pieces are classics that tend to last, but men need to keep updating their wardrobes in general. Fashion trend changes are generally pretty subtle. For example, denim is getting slimmer. If you’re wearing jeans from even a year ago, they most likely aren’t cutting it. Time to get a new pair.

3. Most women aren’t into the “hairy bear” look, and overplucked, overwaxed men are scary on so many levels. Gentlemen, if your eyebrows are nicer than mine are, I’ll run. We women want a man who looks like he takes care of himself but doesn’t look as though he pays more attention to it than we do. Tweeze with caution.

4. We women notice two things about a man’s appearance; his shoes and his watch (some of us also notice his teeth, but that’s a topic for another article). Head in the direction of understated elegance, whether it’s a classic Cartier or a watch that belonged to your grandfather. It’s the same with the shoes. They should look ‘well loved’ but not scruffy.

5. Gentlemen, there’s no such thing as a ‘skater man’. Skater shoes are for skater BOYS. Period.

6. Few men can pull off facial hair with any kind of style. Bad grooming decisions are made right before your very eyes when it comes to facial hair…in the mirror. If you’re gonna rock the facial hair, make it something clean and stylish like a well-trimmed goatee, also known as the ‘baby beard’. The goatee comes in many forms-the French fork, the musketeer, the Vandyke, and none are easy to master, but done correctly, they can lengthen a round face, or give strength to a not so strong chin.

7. Those massive, oversized jeans that hang just below your backside ARE NOT CUTE. Buy jeans that fit. Period.

8. Nail biting is a definite no no. Unless you want to come across as an insecure, prepubescent teenager, don’t do it.

9. If you MUST wear sandals (“Mandals” to us), PULEEEASE make sure that your feet are ready to see the glorious light of day. Nothing’s worse than a man who’s dressed to kill (even if casually dressed) with thick cracked heels, and ragged toenails. Ick…

10. Last but DEFINITELY not least, being mindful of the sixth rule of style with regard to facial hair (see above), one is better off to stay away from the dreaded moustache. They don’t look good on anyone, and they make a man look 10 to 15 years older. Avoid them at all costs.