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What do you think? Where would you get such an online shop to buy Italian Women’s Clothes online? The answer is here!

The Best of Summer On A Budget – Wholesale Women’s Shorts

With summer almost upon us it is time for you to update your wardrobe. Of course this means that it is time to invest in a few pairs of shorts, a staple of any summer closet. Wholesale women’s shorts have made this trend accessible to women everywhere, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Shorts have been a staple of women’s clothing since the 1950’s and have become more popular and prevalent over time. Before then women usually did not wear shorts because they were expected to wear only dresses. Well I’m glad to tell you that WWII and Rock and Roll resolved that problem and women can now wear these trendy little items to their heart’s content.

Women’s shorts come in many different styles and obviously colors and materials. With shorts becoming more appealing to women, the various styles have increased accordingly. No longer will you only find a single style but there will be something for every body type, in every color imaginable and in an array of different materials.

With that said, let’s go over the main styles available.

Board Shorts

These are a form of beach wear that reach to the knee or below. Board shorts are popular as beach or casual wear and are suitable for women who don’t want to show off too much skin.

Daisy Dukes

Named for the character from the Dukes of Hazard TV show, these are ultra short denim cut-offs; not stitched and left to fray. Not every woman is brave enough to sport a pair of these, but if you have the confidence then why not flaunt it in your Daisy Dukes!

Denim Shorts

Also known as “Jorts” (short for Jean Shorts) they are a longer version of the aforementioned Daisy Dukes and can come in any length from below the knee to any length up the thigh. Denims are a classic and a must-have in your summer wardrobe. They match with almost anything and you will never go wrong with a pair of these, whether you’re off to the beach, to a pool party or to the mall.

Hot Pants

These are short shorts usually made from cotton or nylon and designed to emphasize the legs and the buttocks. Just like the name implies they are “hot” and designed for the daring lady who wants to sizzle.


The word “skorts” is a combination of the words “skirt” and “shorts”. These sassy little items have a piece of fabric in the front, thus creating the illusion of being a skirt. Trendy and sexy at the same time a skort is a lovely addition to your wardrobe this summer, adding a touch of femininity while still providing much needed coolness and casualness.

Three Quarter Pants

These are shorts or pants if you prefer, that reach down to the shins. Also known as Capri pants, they are suitable for almost any casual occasion, whether going to the mall, the movies or to a friend’s house. They are elegant, simple and modest.

Stay Cool And Relaxed This Summer

In the summer heat, shorts are absolutely essential to stay cool, relaxed and get a tan and yet still maintain a sense of fashion and style. Wholesale women’s shorts now make it possible for you to have a great looking collection in your fashion wardrobe without putting a strain on your bank account. Buy wisely and you will have a wonderful collection that you can wear season after season.